iADAPT 1.0

The study design used in this study was a randomized, controlled intervention trial.  Adults with type 2 diabetes (i.e. study participants) were randomly assigned to the MI-CHW group to receive MI by a trained CHWs or to the GE-CHW control group to receive general diabetes education by a CHWs who are not trained in MI.  Study participants were randomized after recruitment and baseline assessment.    All study participants were followed during monthly one-on-one in-person and phone-administered counseling sessions over a 12-month intervention period.  Post-intervention follow-up was every three months by phone for the purpose of maintaining contact with the participants, maintaining established rapport, and providing reinforcements in which any brief encounter may offer.  Participants were contacted at 6 months and 12 month after the intervention to assess sustainability of outcome measures. The primary and secondary outcomes in the two groups were compared at completion of the intervention and at 6 months and 12 months post-intervention follow-up.