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The Mission of the iADAPT 2.0 Community Health Worker Resource Center is to support and enhance the abilities of community health workers (CHWs) to make a positive difference in the everyday lives of community residents. Through CHWs, we are engaged with actively learning residents, working and living in the community, to increase healthcare access for those in targeted areas who are at-risk or diagnosed with diabetes, pre-diabetes, cardiovascular disease and connect them to a network of community resources essential to chronic disease self-management and prevention.

The center’s goal is to coordinate information, identify community resources and provide referrals to individuals and families to increase access to patient-centered medical homes and the use of non-physician care teams.

We are an integrated point of contact working in collaboration with other community-based and faith-based organizations to identify needs and barriers in the community to effectively respond to and serve as a communication hub to increase access to chronic disease healthcare services and community resources.

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